4mm Trackside

  • ImgCoal Platform £12.50
    Walls can be attached at platform or ground level. Platform size 34x68mm
  • ImgCoal Staiths £8.00
    Eight pairs of panels to build into combinations of your choice.
  • ImgRural Platform £15.00
    Many uses in rural, light industrial or milk depot locations. Platform size 40x160mm
  • ImgPlatform Ramp £7.50
    Matches our Rural Platform or stand alone to reach brick or raised platforms. Platform size 70x140mm
  • ImgBuffer Stop £4.95
    Used sleeper construction
  • ImgBarrow Crossing £4.95
    Kit includes sufficient for a double track crossing. Surface size 24x100mm
  • ImgRoad Crossing £4.50
    Used sleeper construction. Surface size 68x100mm
  • ImgNEW 3bar or 4bar Lineside Fencing £7.50
    Each kit includes 12x9ft panels – totals 432mm length - nearly 17inches. Kits can be built with or without stays.
    Picture shows 4 bar version with no stays.

4mm Scale Tools

  • ImgMeasuring Stick £5.00
    Available in 00 and EM gauge standards
    More details on ourTools page.
  • ImgBallasting Box £8.50
    Available in 00, EM and P4 gauges
    More details on ourTools page.
  • Img4mm Loco Builder's Box Medium 6-coupled £25.00, Loco kit building made easier and more confident. More details on ourTools page
  • Img8-coupled £30.00
    Photos by Tony Wright courtesy of BRM
    Also available; 10 coupled £33.00 and Large £30.00
  • ImgLine up your boiler fittings 'Straight Down the Middle'
  • ImgAlign the tool from the cab side then place your fittings aligned to the shilouette and vertical lines. £3.50
  • Img
    4mm Cab Floor (35 X 35mm - cut to fit) £1.50

4mm Scale Valances

  • ImgSouthern Valance (2 X 28cm) £8.00
  • ImgMidland Valance (2 X 28cm) £8.00
  • ImgGreat Eastern Valance (2 X 28cm) £8.00
  • ImgGreat Western Valance (2 X 28cm) £8.00
  • ImgHighland (Mallaig) Valance (2 X 28cm) £9.00
  • ImgCanopy Ends £9.00
    Packs of 4, either Straight or Curved both 84mm wide

4mm Scale Wagon Interiors

  • ImgSmall Wagon Floor (up to 17' bed)
    £1.75ea pack of 5 £8.00ea
  • ImgLong Wagon Floor (up to 32' bed)
    £3.60ea, pack of 3 £9.75ea